Coolest Custom Trikes Across America

Trikes are one of the coolest niches in the automotive industry. They can be homemade and funky, or professional and classy. Or anything in between! You’re going to love seeing these cool trikes all over the country.

Glow Trike

The red and orange wheel and underglow lights on this trike make it look incredibly futuristic. The sleek black paint with the red and orange glow simulates the feeling of having flames without the paint job. The engine is shown, and it has a beautiful silver metallic finish to it. The grey swivel bars are too much and create an in-flight feel.

They too have a silver finish with a red stripe running through them. The body has a nice orange accent that makes the trike look so vibrant. It’s a custom trike, and the owner has even made himself a custom top.

Semi Power Trike

This trike looks like a whole lot of fun. This semi-truck styled trike has a really cool and unique look to it. The trike also features a cool design, which makes it stand out from the crowd. The chrome and black color scheme of the trike really shine through. The frame is also painted to look like a semi-truck.

The wheels look a bit odd, and the chrome on them is very silver. The chrome on the trike’s frame really pops out. The trike features a large front grill with chrome detail.

Fiery Trike

The details on this trike is really well done and thought out. The flames on a black background look really good, but the addition of a yellow outline to the flames make the body look so much better. The black and yellow look very unique. The colors of this trike are overall really nice. The paint job is definitely enough to separate this trike from other trikes.

The best part is that the silver of the wheel and engine is offset perfectly by the red and orange accent. The stripe is silver and not gold, so that balance is very well done.

A Poor Man’s Batmobile

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This sweet trike definitely has a few things going for it. 1) It’s blacked out, so that’s always a positive. 2) It’s a convertible (kind of?) and well, that’s about it.

No, we’re joking. This trike looks like so much fun. The best of both world’s between a sports car and a homemade trike to feel that true freedom on the road. Speaking of true freedom…you’ve got to see the next one.

John Deere, John Doe & Jane Doe Trike

It looks like someone converted their tractor into a trike. The John Deere Logo and paint job on the body are amazing. It looks like you could get in the front end of the tractor and ride around the city in a trike.

The green and the yellow paint job looks so unique and fits the frame so well. You could tell someone was a fan of the John Deere and actually made a trike just like it. They look so cool that you would definitely have to go out of your way to buy one.

Custom Chopper Trike

This yellow and black trike looks sharp. This trike features some really cool styling. The body of the trike has a clean design, and it has some fancy aerodynamic features.

The frame of the trike is painted a dark shade of purple, and the frame is painted matte black. The brake light is blue, and it has a wire that goes up to the front of the trike. The chrome on the frame of the trike is also blue, and it looks really sleek. The chrome on the frame of the trike is also blue, and it looks really sleek.

Grey All Day Trike

This grey trike looks incredible. This trike looks sporty, and it’s also super-stylish. The trike’s frame is painted a silvery grey, and the body of the trike has a cool design.

The trike’s wheels are also painted silver, and they feature some really cool wheels. The grey paint job on the frame is painted in glossy black color. The trike’s chrome on the frame is really shiny, and it looks great. The trike’s handlebars are also painted in silver, and they are also painted matte black.

BMW Trike

This V-8 trike with a BMW engine and a racing spoiler (and a man sitting criss cross apple sauce) is one of our favorites.