The Most Dangerous Vacation Spots in the World

Vacation is meant to be relaxing….but not if you’re on the bad end of crime or danger in one of these most dangerous vacation spots in the world! Of course, these places are beautiful otherwise no one would vacation here, but be on your guard. There’s a dark underbelly to most of these dangerous cities!

Jacob’s Hole, Texas

This beauty, located in south-central Texas, is not for the faint of heart. It’s gorgeous and unassuming on the top layer, but down into Jacob’s Hole and you are lost in a labryinth of tunnels and caves. It’s quite tempting for recreational divers. But it’s also dangerous. Many folks have died here. Gone in to explore, and never came back.

Can you spot danger headed your way in the next one?

Red Triangle, CA

This is a large region of the Pacific along the northern coast of California. It’s a popular fishing area and the large populations of sea lions draw lots of tourists to the beaches and islands. The problem is, all those fish and sea lions also attract huge numbers of Great White Sharks, so you don’t want to get in the water here.

The Nile River

Relative to car crashes, the Nile presents little danger. But relative to…not being in the Nile…there’s a lot to look out for here. There are approximately 100 crocodile attacks per year in the north African Nile. When compared with shark attacks (coming in at a measly 16 attacks per year), this is quite the number. So – avoid the Nile, yeah?

The next one will leave you wondering how good of a swimmer you really are…

Rio Tinto, Spain

The extremely polluted Rio Tinto can be found in Spain. The river runs red with Burdundy’s blood (a little Anchorman reference there). But the area was mined heavily mine, but the runoff of which had greatly polluted the lake. and river nearby. This pollution, in turn, is grossly acidic. Avoid.

Unfortunately, it’s one of the most dangerous vacation spots in the world.

The Boiling Lake, Dominica

Hot! It’s easily one of the most dangerous places to swim. The Boiling Lake is so downright dangerous on account of the presence of scolding hot magma beneath its surface. This magma induces the water to reach the temperature of boiling point, literally causing the lake to boil. Anyone up for a swim?

Juarez, Mexico

Ciudad Juarez is easy to get to, since it’s right across the border from El Paso, TX. It’s full of beautiful, historic buildings and there’s lots to see and do. Unfortunately, it’s also a hotbed of cartel activity. It’s best to visit other places in Mexico.

There’s another violent city coming up…

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an appealing vacation spot for many reasons. It offers all the tropical beauty of the Caribbean, but its status as a U.S. territory makes it easier and cheaper for Americans to travel there than to other islands nearby. Sadly, Puerto Rico has sky-high crime rates and San Juan, the capitol and main port of entry is the epicenter for all of that criminal activity.

Unfortunately, it’s one of the most dangerous vacation spots in the world. Would you swim in the next location?

most dangerous vacation spots


Gansbaai is an area off the coast of South Africa. The place has, however, been named shark alley for its great presence of sharks. This is unfortunate, as sharks can induce a great amount of death in those who they attack. You do not, for the most part, want to be one of these people.

most dangerous vacation spots

Coatzalcoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico

This major port city in beautiful Veracruz is definitely not a location you want to visit. It’s a major hub for cartel activity, and unlike other locations in Mexico there are no “safe” tourist areas you can turn to for refuge.

Blue Lagoon, United Kingdom

In the UK you’ll find some bodies of water that are best left avoided. The Blue Lagoon is one such body. Because the lake has such a drastically high pH level (standing high at a staggering 11.3), the natural pool has an alkalinity comparable to that of ammonia or bleach. And yet…we silly humans still go in!



Appalachia is a beautiful region of stunning, mountainous landscapes and vast wilderness. It’s famous for the Appalachian Trail and dozens of state and national parks. It’s also home to many of the poorest communities in the United States, and crime- including organized crime- is common. There are also natural dangers, which are exacerbated by the lack of major infrastructure in the region.

The Strid, Yorkshire, England

One minute it’s four feet, and the next it’s forty, and it’s spinning, and it’s pulling you under!

In the middle of Yorkshire, England you’ll find a body of water disturbing as all get out, and so deadly that to swim in it for over five seconds is taking a walk on the plank!

most dangerous vacation spots

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The capital of the Dominican Republic sees a lot of tourism. It is, after all, the economic, cultural, and political center of the nation as well as the main port of entry. That naturally means that it’s one of the most well-developed and secure parts of the country. But it’s not perfect. There are areas of the city that are underdeveloped and have high crime rates. It’s also probably best not to venture out at night, especially alone.

most dangerous vacation spots

White Mountains, New Hampshire

These rugged mountains are a huge draw for hiking, camping, and outdoor enthusiasts. The danger here lies in the rugged and remote nature of the mountain range. Slips and falls in these mountains can be far more dangerous than usually because medical care is so far away. Weather can be severe and unpredictable, too, especially during the winter months.

Queensland, Australia

Giant tarantulas and snakes! Oh my…The list of these beasts is just as long as it is terrifying. There are sharks, saltwater crocodiles, stonefish, and the exceptionally deadly blue-ringed octopi and box jellyfish. The box jellyfish is particularly deadly. One sting from this tiny creature can induce a cardiac arrest which can kill you almost instantly. Not so fun if you ask us.

Unfortunately, it’s one of the most dangerous vacation spots in the world.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Honduras, on the whole, is a dangerous place to visit these days, but San Pedro Sula, which was the murder capital of the world until 2016, is especially bad. Rampant unemployment has led to incredible crime rates in Honduras’s second largest city. That makes it a dangerous place to be, and tourists should probably avoid it altogether.

most dangerous cities in the world

Devil’s Hole, New York

Devil’s Hole is a state park located north of Niagara Falls. Its especially popular as a fishing location but people flock to it for its beautiful scenery. Off-trail hiking is strictly forbidden due to dangerous conditions related to the terrain. The water is also dangerous, with strong currents and rapids posing a threat to inexperienced boaters.

most dangerous cities in the world


The 6th-largest city in Mexico is right across the border from San Diego, California, which makes it a popular destination for day-trips by California residents. Tijuana certainly caters to those tourists as much as possible but it isn’t exactly the safest place to be. It’s not as dangerous as Juarez, but it’s not as safe San Diego, either.

Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis

The capital of St Kitts & Nevis is one of the oldest cities in the Caribbean, with a rich history that draws a lot of visitors. While it isn’t as dangerous as other locations on this list, the crime rate has risen rapidly in recent years. Normally, violent crime isn’t a huge danger to tourists, but in this case, most of the criminal activity is tied to gang activities and the drug trade.

most dangerous cities in the world

Yosemite National Park, CA

Yosemite is one of the most popular, heavily visited national parks in the country. You’d think there would be few places safer, but the dangers of Mother Nature are often beyond our control. Rock-climbing in Yosemite comes with all the risks you’d expect, but the often unpredictable weather in the area adds to the danger.

Unfortunately, it’s one of the most dangerous vacation spots in the world.

most dangerous cities in the world

Irapuato, Mexico

This city in central Mexico is famed for its beautiful gardens. Located in the heart of a major agricultural region, it’s also famed for its fresh produce, as well as pig and cattle farms. The flowers and fruit of its lush gardens can’t conceal the risks, though. Irapuato suffers from high crime rates related to cartel activity, so tourists are best advised to steer clear of it.

most dangerous vacation spots

Kingston, Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the top tourist destinations in the Caribbean. The beautiful beaches, plentiful resorts, and nightlife are second to none. Violent crime is prevalent throughout the island nation, and in its capital and largest city that’s especially true. Try as they might, local authorities haven’t always been successful at keeping that crime out of the resorts.

most dangerous vacation spots

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of nature’s most incredible sights, but it’s a potentially dangerous sight, too. The primary risk is exactly what you’d expect with a giant hole in the ground: falling in. But flash floods are also an issue, especially for those who are rafting, canoeing or kayaking in the river at the bottom of the canyon.

Reynosa, Mexico

Situated just across the border from McAllen, TX, Reynosa is a major port of entry on the northern border of Mexico. It’s especially popular with Texas residents who frequently cross the border in search of cheap prescription medicine, dental care, and shopping. The city is largely under the control of the cartels, though. While they have a strong interest in keeping the city safe and often police it well, conflicts between rival cartels can cause serious problems in Reynosa.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The entire nation of Haiti suffers from high unemployment rates, violent crime, and civil unrest. Nowhere on the island are the conditions worse than the capital, Port-au-Prince. Affordable rates make Haiti a tempting travel destination, but the risk may not be worth it. It’s not unheard of for tourists to be robbed in the airport.

Unfortunately, it’s one of the most dangerous vacation spots in the world.

The Maze, Utah

Deep in the heart of Canyonlands national Park, the Maze is difficult to reach and should only be accessed by experienced hikers. It’s aptly named, and many visitors quickly find themselves lost on this difficult trail. Once lost, they can be difficult to locate. It’s best not to attempt this hike unless you’re experienced.

La Paz, Baja California

La Paz is the capital of Baja California, and it’s widely considered to have one of the highest standards of living of any city in Mexico. Cartel activity in the region surges from time to time, and that can affect security in the city. There are other locations in Baja that offer more safety.

most dangerous vacation spots

West End, Grand Bahama Island

No crime to worry about here. Instead, you need to worry about the sharks. Lots and lots of sharks. One beach here is called Tiger Beach, for its unusually high population of tiger sharks. These sharks are the biggest tourist draw, with shark watching and shark diving fueling much of the local economy. Be careful if you get in the water here.

most dangerous vacation spots

Los Angeles, CA

America’s second-largest city isn’t often thought of as a dangerous place. Instead, most people think of the glamor of Hollywood, the expensive shops, the beaches, and more. LA may not have as much criminal activity as it once did, but it still has more than its fair share of crime. Accommodations in the best parts of town are expensive, but trying to book cheaper hotels will put you in risky neighborhoods.

most dangerous cities in the world

Los Cabos

Cabo is one of the most famous vacation spots in Mexico, and one of the most expensive. Violent crime isn’t much of a concern, and even the cartels work to keep Cabo clean and safe. Tourists, though, can still be targeted. Pickpockets are the most common threat, and plenty of people visiting Cabo have found themselves victims of various scams. Be on your guard.

Unfortunately, it’s one of the most dangerous vacation spots in the world.

most dangerous vacation spots

most dangerous cities in the world

East Coast, Barbados

Famous for its rugged terrain and legendary surfing conditions, the east coast of Barbados is highly popular amongst surfers, but it’s remote and rugged conditions add to the danger. Surfers who suffer an injury will find it difficult to get to medical treatment.

most dangerous vacation spots

Bubbly Creek, Chicago, Illinois

Bubbly Creek is an area of the Chicago River that you’d be advised not to swim in. There are several reasons for this. Primary among them is the amount of disgusting runoff that will make its way into the river. Much of the lake, for instance, has been the subject of discarded meat, fecal matter, and other loathsome things.

Celaya, Mexico

Celaya’s biggest claim to fame is its artisanal cajeta, a milk candy popular throughout Mexico. Located in the state of Guanajuato, Celaya, along with the rest of the state, is an increasingly dangerous place as gang activity becomes more and more common.

Condado Beach, Puerto Rico

This is a popular and beautiful beach in San Juan. It’s very secure on the shore- the danger lies below the water. Undertow, riptides and massive swells make getting in the water at Condado beach unusually risky.

Baltimore, Maryland

Much like Chicago, Baltimore has a rich history and an abundance of tourist sites, but a disturbing crime rate. Visitors and tourists are usually safe, but it’s still one of the more dangerous cities in the United States. It’s a good idea to do your research before traveling there to learn which areas of town to avoid.

Uruapan, Mexico

Sitting right in the heart of avocado country, it should be no surprise that Uruapan is a hotbed of cartel activity. Avocados are big business, every bit as profitable as illicit drugs, and the cartels run much of the trade. Uruapan shouldn’t be on your list of travel locations.

Unfortunately, it’s one of the most dangerous vacation spots in the world.

Las Vegas, NV

We all know why people go to Vegas, which is why it makes sense that crime is common there. Be careful if you’re going- it’s remarkably easy for petty criminals to take advantage of inebriated tourists. Organized crime can be a problem here, too.

Culiacan, Mexico

Culiacan is nearly 500 years old, and a city with so much history would normally be a wonderful place for tourists. However, Culiacan is the sight of frequent armed conflict between the cartels and the Federal Police. Violence is rarely directed towards civilians or visitors, but there’s always the chance that, when violence erupts, they’ll be caught in the crossfire.

New York City, NY

New York is a vast city, with countless alleys, cross streets, and other places to get lost. Tourists are commonly targeted by petty thieves, and like many large cities, there’s certainly a criminal underbelly that can be dangerous for visitors.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is one of America’s most historic cities. It was our nation’s capital at one time and has long been a major cultural center. It also has a much higher violent crime rate than the typical American city, making it a relatively dangerous place to visit.

Unfortunately, it’s one of the most dangerous vacation spots in the world.