Odd Tractors That Turned Every Head

When it comes to vehicles, one of our favorites comes in the form of a tractor. They can do so much stuff, such as planting and plowing crops, plus mowing the lawn. It is one of the most valuable tools for a farmer to employ in agriculture. However, that does not mean they can’t be entertaining either with events such as tractor pulls and races. Because of their versatility, companies are always coming up with new ideas to improve or alter them, leading to many unique designs. It is just not companies, either. Individuals have modified tractors into very bizarre but cool creations. Today we want everyone to check out the odd tractors that turned every head. Some of these are really out there, don’t miss them.

1940’s Case Tractor Truck

This happens when someone tries to transform a Case tractor into a rat rod. This pickup truck/tractor hybrid is extraordinary plus a showstopper.  It appears one old truck was used to complete the front end section of the tractor. Only a single old 1940s pickup truck was used. The modification is actually easy to complete. The cab of the truck is simply slipped over the operator section of the tractor. Of course, some metal-working and tweaking are present, but the creator already has the fender whole cut for the rear tire, they just need to make it larger. One solid coat of orange paint brings everything together along with two tractor lights pop on the side. These help give everyone the  four eyed, rat rod, freewheeling beast before you.

Triple Tractor

Here is a tractor you do not see every day. This ol’ gal must have some serious pulling power. It is literally three tractors in one. They seem slightly older, so we are curious how someone found all of them with the same make and build. But hey, hulling things will not be so tough anymore. You can always have your friends sit on the passenger side. Plus, all that additional power might help make chores easier depending on what someone is doing. We imagine the turning radius is not the best with the vehicle’s wideness.

Scottish Distilleries Tractor

This tractor is not strange as much as it is incredible. The creators made it for distilleries in Scotland, in the Islay region. Sometimes they use it as advertisements. It appears like an old riding lawn mower base may have been modified to create the tractor itself. On top it has large steering wheel for ease of handling and a nice formed seat and. However, do not miss the side exhausts. Those are pretty sweet, as well as all the chrome used to trick the tractor out. It would be amazing to ride around on for sure. It appears like it could move at a pretty quickly too. Yet, we know the question in the back of everyone’s mind. Will they let me take one of those whiskey barrels with us? We are not so sure about that our friend, but everyone can always try.


Check out this tractor. Someone came up with the idea to make it look like a helicopter. We are guessing it probably does not fly. We hope the main rotor will not get in the way of the backhoe? We have to say the rounded exterior does work for the concept they are trying to create. Perhaps if they get rid of the hoe, the tracks and add a turbine engine, they can get that thing off the ground or, better yet, forget about the helicopter idea.

1941 War Tractor

The creator of this tractor dressed it up a little bit. It is standout to appear like a World War II vehicle to a degree. Underneath the hood, the tractor houses a 1941 David, Brown. The British Army used this four-cylinder tractor to mostly cut grass. However, there is a bit more going on here. For example, the rear of the tractor features a tow winch that was handy for removing stuck equipment and vehicles. Also, the British Air Force used this tractor move fuel browsers and bomb trailers for heavy bombers. The British supplied over 500 of these tractors to the grits specifically for handling aircraft.  

Little House On The Tractor

This was the prototype for the first tractor. Okay, we do not actually know that, but we think it is a pretty old harvester. One person on Reddit believes it comes from the Richard Garrett & Sons manufacturer. People knew the company for its trolleybuses and steam engines. We wish we had more info on this one. It resembles the Little House on the Prairie with wheels.  It’s definitely out there, and that is saying a lot on this list. 

Race Tractor Named “Rat Poison”

This tractor could compete against any monster truck. Check out that engine. We count around 32 valves; that is some enormous horsepower for a tractor. We are guessing the creators do not use this one to cut grass. It is more likely this vehicle participates in tractor pulls. Plus, we imagine there is a fair amount of showing off. Aptly named Rat Poison, it would undoubtedly destroy anything that stood in its way. The rear tires provide a lot of traction when going down the track. We also imagine that the tractor can pop one heck of a wheelie with an engine that big.

Batman’s Tractor

If Batman were ever a farmer, he’d probably drive something similar. Someone built this tractor in the Netherlands. However, unlike the original Batmobile, this vehicle is not street legal. It could run over just about anything with its gigantic dual front wheels, just like the Tumbler in the “The Dark Knight” (2008). Maybe Batman is secretly lying low in the Netherlands as a farmer. However, you would think people would notice it, but maybe in the Netherlands, they don’t care about that sort of thing. Either way, this is one ridiculous, albeit phenomenal, tractor.

The Rhino Tractor

What to make of this contraption here? This is the brainchild of Elie P. Aghnides. This invention of his was supposed to outperform present-day tanks and tractors, as well as other sorts of ‘heavy going vehicles’ as he put it. It’s a 5 ton vehicle, named The Rhino, and operates much like you see in the picture. It uses six-foot tilted hemisphere like wheels to navigate snow, farmland, sand, swamps and other various terrain. As odd as it is, it is pretty impressive. They can travel the roadways at passenger car speed and when it settles into the water, it is steered by a clever Hydro jet nozzle. As for the power, don’t expect too much. All of the horsepower is generated by Ford engine that produces about 110 horses. The inventor is a bit delusional though. He proclaimed that his invention was the greatest advance since the wheel and 1000 years. There are several of us who would disagree, as well as almost the entire Internet. It is odd though, and therefore it makes our list.

Futuristic Tractor

This tractor is interesting because we are not entirely sure it runs. We would guess there is an engine somewhere under the metal hood. Maybe it is manually powered, and someone has to push it. Also, there is no seat or steering wheel. Another presumption we have is that this is only part of the tractor. There might be more to it that is currently not attached. We also want to know the purpose of this tractor. It could be for lawn cutting, races, or bailing hay. We speculate racing, but it is hard to say.

Red, White And Blue Tractor

Three cheers for the Red, White, and Blue. In 2014, 28-year-old Romanian Farmer George Iconary decked out his tractor to impress the ladies from his hometown near Braila. He chose the U.S. theme since women there like the West and especially American culture. The tractor has Stars and Stripes all over it. Iconary also included flashing blue lights illustrating his admiration for U.S. cop shows. He quickly became an overnight celebrity in his village. Unfortunately, the police told him only special vehicles could use police lights, to which Iconary replied, “well, this is a special vehicle-it’s my tractor.” Since finishing the tractor, Iconary has titled himself “The Guru.”

John Deere 8295RT Vineyard

This behemoth of a tractor from John Deere is called the 8295RT Vineyard. The Vineyard is powered a 9.0L. Six-cylinder diesel motor and is equipped with distinct tracks. The tracks allow the tractor to move easily across the fields. We could not find the exact price for these impressive tracks, but the tractor body itself will cost you around $100 grand if you are interested. Imagine your friends seeing you drive this down road. We know we would be impressed.

Tractor Pull Named “Dragon Fire”

Here is Dragon Fire if you need to plow 40 acres in 1 minute flat. This looks to be about 95% engine; a beast indeed. The vehicle comes from Germany with a 42-cylinder radial engine powering it. It is called the Zvezda M503. The Soviets initially used these for missile boats. It does 8.76Ci (143-liters), and the cylinders are organized by 6 in seven banks. The engine runs on methanol instead of diesel, and it allegedly has 8,000 horsepower. It seems like more than enough power for tractor pull.

Stretched Out Tractor

Everyone has probably heard of a stretch limo. Here is a stretch tractor. This bad boy looks to have two engines instead of one. Let us just hope the field is pretty flat. It is difficult to read the decals on the side of the picture, but it resembles a Fordson Major Diesel. Ford dropped the name after 1964, so we are dealing with something pretty vintage. Also, we do not think the company made anything this long, so it is likely a custom job.

Hald Tractor Half Truck

This tractor has a unique pipe as the driver seat and an intriguing back wheel style. Okay, that was sort of a joke. We can tell someone has taken parts of this tractor. However, it does do an excellent job of making it bizarre. The wheels without the tires look wild. We are sure if someone began stripping away pieces from any tractor, they would come out looking unique. If someone decides to do this, grab pictures. We’d love to see them.

Mini Steam Train Tractor

Here’s another picture similar to the one we saw earlier of a guy riding a tiny tractor made to look like a train. However, if you look close, you can probably spot one important detail. This tractor is entirely steam powered. Evidently, there are entire groups and communities of steam powered mini tractor enthusiasts. They gather together at certain cultural festivals and various events to show off their latest toy. I imagine there must be some sort of satisfaction out of creating a steam driven train mini tractor, I’m just not sure what it is. Steam power was very popular until the late 1800s in the US, until gasoline took over and we moved in that direction. However, some people are just not ready to make that leap yet. They much prefer riding on a makeshift ottoman tethered to the back of their tiny steam train tractor. It’s strange, yes, but hey, to each his own, right?

Hybrid Tractor

This unique tractor is a hybrid Eco-friendly machine. It is called the Kulan. It is named after the Central Asian donkey because one of the main tasks of the tractor is transporting and lugging produce and cattle feed. It can carry 2,204.62 pounds (1,000kg).The vehicle is a concept built from particular tube steel and lightweight plastic. The tractor has a specialized battery and electric motors in each rear wheel that produce 4kW. Someone can operate the vehicle for six hours before needing a charge.

Vintage Closed-Cab Tractor

No, your eyes aren’t going bad. This is actually a tractor. It’s not an old antique car. It’s a vintage tractor, and they were actually quite difficult to sell in their day. The reason was simple: most farmers weren’t keen on a covered cab tractor. In fact, they called them sissy cabs and dealers had a hard time selling him. They were so difficult to sell, that most of the time the dealer would remove the cab in order to get the tractor to move off the lot. However, today they are a thing of pure vintage beauty. Plus, they actually could serve a purpose. You could pick up your date and take her anywhere you wanted around town at a cool, breezy 20 mph. That might not be too fast but it is the perfect speed to enjoy watching the world pass by, and watching all of those heads turn too.

Jet Turbine Tractor

So we’ve all been to a tractor pull before. Usually, you watch fancy modified trucks plow down the track, hauling as much weight as possible. However, sometimes they actually use the tractors. And when they do, they use a tractor like this. This thing is massive. I’m sure it shoots enough fire out of his exhaust to barbecue an entire herd of cows. Four screaming fast engines mounted to the top generate an incredible amount of horsepower to send it blazing down the track. Those big tires provide enough grip to haul the weighted sled, and even with all of that engine weight, it can still pop a wheelie. That’s what makes the tractor pull so popular, and that’s why we turn out in droves year after year. We love to watch them perform, and it’s amazing what humans can do with a normal tractor when we put our minds to it.

Screw-Drive Tractor

This tractor may look odd, and for good reason. You see those big things on the side that look like big tanks? Well, those are actually the tires. Made by the Fordson company in Michigan, this beast is what is known as a screw driven tractor. They were used in the 1920s for towing sleds full of aviation fuel, oil, gas and radio equipment. All in an effort to support the first attempt by Wilkins-Eilson’s of a trans polar aviation flight from North America to Europe. The tractors they used were similar to this, built by the snow motor company but were largely unsuccessful. It seems that all of that turning through the snow by the screw driven wheels really didn’t accomplish much, and made for slow travel. Aren’t you glad that we have regular tires for our tractors today after seeing this monstrosity? Yeah, I thought so too.


This strange tractor shows what happens when artists get bored in London. This is a three-time Triceratops painted army green and made by artist Alex ‘Wreckage’ Wright. He hails from the counter filter pop performance group Waste Company. A clip was uploaded in 2011 of the Triceratops in action. Groups like the one Alex is a part of, takes their sculptures and displays them at events like the Burning Man Festival and other culturally rich events. Where do you get that kind of free time, right? I mean, hey, we would love that sort of time off from our jobs to make a large dinosaur out of a tractor. We would do it for no reason. Speaking of, we don’t know why he created his either, but then again, does it matter? It’s pretty ingenious and actually works so for that we have to give him a tip of our hat.

2018 Lamborghini Tractor

People know Lamborghini for the track cars, but many people are unaware they also make tractors. The company actually started building them before they shifted to automotive manufacturing. Ferruccio Lamborghini later got into sports cars to compete with Enzo Ferrari. The tractor everyone sees in the picture is the 2013 Lamborghini Nitro. It has a four-cylinder Deutz Tier 4i diesel engine, servo-assisted disc brakes, and LED lights. Giorgetto Giugiaro designed this tractor. He was the same man who also came up with the 1995 Lamborghini Cala concept.

Spider Tractor

This tractor pictures brought to us again by the fine people of Russia. You have to admit, they are a creative nation. This tractor looks like some giant spider like bug, crossed with one of those robot characters from that Disney movie, Wall-e. It looks very cartoonish in fact. For that, we give the creator kudos. We’re not sure how functional it is, though it does have enough hydraulics to apparently make it move up and down and function in form. That front wheel is obviously there just for looks, because make no mistake about it, this tractor ain’t rolling nowhere. It prefers to crawl, and when it does you better move out of the way. Those bucket feet can be rather harsh if they step on your toes. Better yet, my vote is to leave this tractor in Russia and just look at the picture. Putting this thing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade would just be too dangerous.

John John The Double Tractor

This tractor is actually a work of art if you can believe that. It hails from the contemporary art museum in Miami. This was part of their outdoor exhibition called The Yard @ Casalin. The name of the exhibit is simply John John. Of course, two John Deere tractors were used to make them, and artistically it is supposed to represent a fusion collision of the past and modern-day present. But yet, look closer. These two tractors they both look like they are blasts from the past, so we’re not really sure what the artist was thinking. It’s not like you can smash two 1936 John deer tractor together and call one the past and one the present. It does not work that way. But hey, it does make for a neat sculpture and a cool photo op for the crowd. For that, we give this one a thumbs up.

1900’s Samson Tractor

This tractor might look odd, but look again. It’s manufactured by Samson, and is one of their Sieve-Grip models. It features a low slung chassis and three very large steel wheels. In the early 1900s, you could purchase this tractor with a few different engine sizes. There was a 6–12 hp single cylinder engine, 18–25 hp GMC engine, and a 12–25 hp engine as well. What you see pictured here is a 12–25, one of the more powerful tractors. The Samson company enjoyed a marginally successful run between 1914 and 1917 when it was purchased by none other than GM, under the current CEO leadership of the famous William C. Durant. GM hoped to enter the farming market and use Samson tractors as their product to do so. Thus, these particular tractors are hard to come by and usually look quite strange if you are not familiar with the antique or vintage tractor game. At any rate, they are amazing pieces of equipment, and this one looks to have been lovingly restored and in good working order. Kudos to a fine tractor that presents well.

Russian Dragon Tractor

So what do you do if you live in Russia and your winters are colder then most human beings can physically handle? Answer: You build this thing. Take a look at this odd tractor. Outfitted with tank treads and produced for no other reason other than just because you can, this tractor is a thing of odd beauty. It looks pretty fierce too. The owner simply outfitted the modified small earth mover with some sheet-metal and airbrush paint. The detailing is phenomenal and it really looks like this wolf is ready to jump out into the frozen portions of Siberia and do some hunting of its own. Thankfully, it’s just used for show and various advertising gigs around the great country of Russia. It’s always a fan favorite and easy to spot. I mean let’s be honest, it’s not everyday that you see a tractor that looks like a wolf. I think even a blind man could spot this one. Kudos on the custom build.

Hot-Rod Lawn Tractor

So you have an old riding lawn mower lying around and a few extra miscellaneous parts that you need something to do with. Why not turn them into this. Check out this go cart, lawn tractor, racing hot rod thing-a-ma-jig. I would call it by its proper name, but I don’t know what that is. I do know that we like it, and that the owner pays attention to the little things like safety. Take a close look and you’ll see a fire extinguisher cleverly mounted on the side just in case this beast catches fire. I really doubt that would happen. What I don’t doubt is that it is a blast to drive. What could be finer than zipping up and down your yard in this four-wheeled wonder. I bet it goes faster then we think as well. Surely the blower up top is not just for show, right? Well, think what you will my friends. I prefer to live in the world where what I see is sometimes presented as reality. Plus, I’m a guy and I love hot rod type stuff anyway. This one gets a thumbs up for me.

1913 “Little Bull” Tractor

This tractor looks like it might have come from the Civil War era, but this was just finished with matte pewter paint. This is the 12-24 Big Bull. The Bull Tractor Company released it in 1915. They designed it for belt work and plowing. They used a tricycle design, and it ran on gasoline with its cross-mounted engine. The engine allowed power to move more directly behind its wheels. Unfortunately, despite its affordability, the vehicle had a reputation for getting stuck and being unsafe. Bull Tractors went into bankruptcy by 1920.

The Walking Forest Machine

This odd tractor is made by the company known as Plustech. To us, it looks like some weird robot villain from a sci-fi apocalypse movie. To the folks at Plustech though, it is known as the walking forest machine. The goal was simple. They wanted to develop a working product that had the best chance of stability while providing minimal impact to the terrain. In other words, this monstrosity is an attempt to create a tractor that is environmentally friendly and leaves a footprint that is the smallest possible on the environment. The nerve center of this great beast is a computer system that controls every walking function, including direction of movement, height, gait, travel speed and ground clearance. To further optimize its operation, a separate system is used to regulate the engine and machine loader. All of these are designed for ease-of-use with the operator in mind. What does he drive it with? A single joystick. That’s pretty amazing stuff right there.

Mini Lawn Dozer

This mini tractor resembles a kid’s toy but is a functional tractor. It is a 1960 M400. Melroe Manufacturing Company built it. The idea originated with the three-wheel self-boosted “Keller Loader.” Eddie Velo, a Minnesota Turkey Farmer, wanted a compact and light loader that could quickly move through his barn’s second floor to tidy up turkey manure. The Keller brothers made him one. Melroe bought the concept from the Kellers and used it to construct the first four-wheel-drive skid steer loader that everyone can see in the picture.

Steam Powered Mini Tractor

Okay, look at this picture and you’ll notice a few things going on here. For starters, yes that is an older gentleman dressed like a train conductor writing his custom made kitty train. Second, it appears as if this kitty train was made from pieces and parts of an old riding lawn mower. The top part was obviously fabricated to look like an old coal burning choo-choo, while the bottom frame of the riding lawn mower remained virtually the same. Finally, it looks as if he tried to outfit a makeshift flywheel to the train as if it was used to crank it at some point or another. This is not something you would typically see on an old coal burning dinosaur like this, so we are assuming he placed it there just for show. You would find these on steam engines for sure though. Wait a minute, hey, that’s it! It’s a steam engine! A pretty entertaining one too that makes for an odd tractor. For that, we will give him at least 3 1/2 out of five stars.

This Beastly Tractor Is Named “Baldwin”

You may remember earlier when we talked about Big Bud and how he is one of the largest tractors on earth. Well, this is his bigger cousin. Instead of 2 massive tires, Baldwin here features three. It’s made to pull a massive harvester, allowing the farmer to make light work of whatever he needs to do in the field. Big Bud was made in Montana and used in the US, but Baldwin here hails from Northern New South Wales. This one was probably built in the year 1986 and has the number 26 on its serial number, indicating it was the 26th machine like this made. Who knew there were so many of these large, massive tractors roaming around the earth? I didn’t, that’s for sure. However, now that I know I just might look them up the next time I need something done in my yard. Hey, can you blame me? It would certainly turn my neighbors heads, that’s for sure.

Raggedy Ann Tractor

This was a fun addition to a festival. A designer decorated a tractor in the style of Raggedy Ann. We imagine it took a lot of fabric to make this project come together. We question how the tractor would hold up during work with all the soft material, but we imagine it is for decorative purposes only. Still, we think it is an eye-catching display sure to please the crowd. We are not sure if the creator sewed everything together by hand, but if they did, that would have taken ages to pull off just for a funny novelty; 100% respect.

This Massive Tractor is Named “Big Bud”

Take a look at this tractor. It’s called Big Bud and for good reason. It’s the worlds largest farm tractor measuring 27 feet long, 14 feet tall, and 20 feet wide. It was built in 1977 by Ron Harmon and his Northern Manufacturing Company crew. The tractor was actually commissioned by the Rossi brothers to be used on their cotton farm in California. The main purpose of Big Bud? Deep ripping. It did that for 11 years before he moved on to greener pastures in Florida. Today, it is still regarded as one of the worlds largest tractors. You can’t argue with that either. Weighing in at 50 tons, outfitted with custom tires shipped from Canada, it is a sight to behold. It is as big as Montana and large enough to get any job done. Big Bud will be ripping up fields for generations to come.

The Blade

This Tractor is called “The Blade.” Research Specialist Ray Erickson came up with this creation. He was a custom car enthusiast who took a garden tractor and combined it with Crosley automobile parts. Erickson believes this was the most challenging project he worked on. It can go 40 miles per hour with its four-cylinder Crosley engine. It also has chromed headers and aluminum metal flake paint. People praised the Tractor at the Oakland, Calif, National Roadster Show and Kansas City Custom Auto Show.

Home-Made Tiller Tractor

This right here is what happens when you are bored. Well, it’s what happens when you’re bored and have a very small engine that you would like to make you sad. Obviously, good things can come from little pieces of lawn equipment like tillers, edgers and the like. This appears to be a tiny edger or killer motor that has been modified into a freewheeling grandpa mobile. Not that that’s a bad thing mind you. If I were a grandpa, I certainly wouldn’t mind putting around places on my own fabricated vehicle. It would show those young whippersnappers what it was like and I could tell them stories of how I used to walk uphill in the snow to school in my day. Now, I live differently. Now I get to maneuver around from point A to point B on my handy little scooter that I made myself. Man, it kind of makes me wish this guy was my grandpa so we can build something like that. Giving this to your grandson beats a stick of gum any day, right?


The creators of this tractor call it the LawnChoppR. They constructed it in 2004 using a Garden Tractor and Suzuki GS Motorcycle. We believe it still cuts grass, so owners can even work on their lawn while riding. Hopefully, the tires do not scruff up the yard. We imagine this one was not the easiest to do, but we appreciate the craftsmanship. Maybe John Deere should take note and start manufacturing a whole line of these vehicles. They might be missing out on a niche of customers.

Full Steam Ahead

This is a pretty strange looking beast. It almost looks like some sort of bizarro hotdog cart if you didn’t know any better. However, it’s not. It’s an old steam driven tractor, used for show and a little bit of pomp and circumstance as well. The basic premise was to try and make a tractor that looks like an old Avery steam driven version. True, they didn’t come with umbrella canopies on top, that were primarily used to farm land and actually looks like giant trains. They were a sight to behold and filled the air with black smoke. This individual here has a cool burner, attached to a tractor base with his large red Avery tank for show. Maybe he will get to his destination in time, who knows? At least the crowd is watching and they seem entertained. At these events, that’s what it is all about anyway. He might want to clean his umbrella though, it’s looking a bit dirty.

Tucker Snow Cat

Someone spotted this Tucker Snow-Cat on the Summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire. The company, which has the same name as the vehicle, manufactures them in Medford, Oregon. They commonly have four tracks. The purpose behind this vehicle is for transportation, industrial concentrations, and traveling in rough terrains. In fact, people use Snow-Cats to explore the Antarctic and Arctic. These vehicles used steel tracks initially, but those proved to have rust issues. The modern tracks on the Snow-Cat have rubber treads. 

Beach Art Tractor

This tractor is strange, but it does something pretty amazing. It creates art on the beach. This creation is by Swedish artist Gunilla Klingberg. He decided to take beach drawing to a whole new level by outfitting a steam roller with intricate designs. The result is pretty amazing. When rolled over and over again you can create all sorts of star patterns and one continuous line. The rows can be dizzying depending on how many lines he makes, but the result is beautiful. To do the same, you simply need a huge tractor with a front attachment that is essentially a huge metal drum outfitted with heavy-duty rubber stamps. That’s essentially what he used to create these beach masterpieces, and he has plans in the works to create more. It just goes to show you what you can do with a little ingenuity and free time on your hands. Seems like they have a lot of that over there in Sweden.

Triple Turbine Tractor

They say nothing runs like a Deere, and we couldn’t agree more. Especially when it is outfitted like this. Take a look at the engine on this thing. I don’t know much, but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to get stuck in one of those front exhaust blowers. There’s enough heat there to roast several turkeys at once. Obviously, this is a competition machine, and I’m sure that John Deere couldn’t be more proud if he were to see it in person himself. The 8400 T is designed to power down the drive to breakneck speed, slamming the competition. No doubt, this one has it’s fair share of trophies on the track. John Deere is more than a brand after all, it is a legend. It will undoubtedly win more. All thanks to those massive engines, huge rear tires, and quality engineering found in John Deere machinery.

New Holland Hay Baler

This tractor looks odd, and for good reason. It’s really two types of tractors and one. This is an antique New Holland Hay Baler. It runs with two separate engines, one to power the tractor and the other to operate the hay baler. In its day, it was considered to be a technological revolution of sorts. Farmers could replace two pieces of equipment with one. However, it’s not the sort of thing that you would use for daily farming. The weight of the tractor due to the extra machinery made its use for plowing, irrigating and harvesting impractical. It was great at bailing hay, but beyond that there were very few applications. However, if you see one today you are looking at a two piece tractor legend and something that an enthusiast has undoubtedly restored. Snap a pic if you can, you don’t see these very often.

1950 Ford 8N Pinky

Bringing awareness to a disease is important. One way to do that is to wear t-shirts, take out ads, or perhaps even color a vehicle as this individual decided. He took a 1950 Ford 8N, painted it different pink shades, and put a ribbon near the front. We think it is very stylish and enough to draw some attention. On a different note, seeing Ford’s logo painted pink makes it almost look like the Barbie logo. That is definitely something.

Tractor Nick-Named “Space Invader”

Here’s another modified tractor turn dragstrip racer. Check it out: This is the Space Invader. Again, we have three hefty exhausts upfront that shoot more than their fair share of flames from the top. However, there is a caveat if you pay close attention. Look towards the front of the tractor and you will see two batteries seated in the frame cage. They don’t look that secure, and I’m not sure I would trust my powerful tractor to keep them in there once moving down the track. I’m sure they have a way to secure them so they don’t fly away, but a cover would be nice to keep them well protected. You don’t want anything happening to those things or your tractor won’t start again. Beyond that though, this thing is basically a piece of eye candy waiting to win a trophy or two. I’m sure watching it zoom down the strip, and driving it would be a blast.